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“Let us live in this world respecting the diversity of each individual with full inclusion”.

Welcome and Greetings!

NIDA welcomes you for visiting our website called Nepal Adivasi/Janajati Apanga Saang known as Nepal Indigenous Disabled Association (NIDA), established in 2009 by Indigenous Persons with Disabilities (IPWDs). NIDA is a national level, non- governmental, non-profit making and non-political organization led by IPWDs and their families and aim to be strong voice of and for them. It was registered at the District Administration Office Kathmandu in 2009 under the country Act as well as affiliated with Social Welfare Council. It is a member organization of National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) and Nepal Federation of the Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) and Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network (IPWDGN). NIDA stands for the comprehensive development of indigenous persons with disabilities including women, youth and children with disabilities of Nepal through social, economic, political transformation and barrier free environment without discrimination by mobilizing existing resources in optimum level.

By any measure indigenous persons with disabilities and especially indigenous women and youth with disabilities are amongst some of the most disadvantaged group often facing multiple barriers based on their ‘disability’ and ‘indigenous’ identity affecting meaningful participation within their own communities and the wider community. Many evidence based documents related with human rights, disability and indigenous has stated that the prevalence of disability amongst indigenous persons and women/ youth with disabilities is significantly higher than of the general population. Among the whole global population, there are 10-15% persons with disabilities (WHO, 2011) where as there are 54million indigenous persons with disabilities all around the globe (UNPFIIP, 2013). In this regard, in Nepal there are 30 lakhs persons with disabilities (several surveys and documents, 2011) and among them 11lakh are indigenous persons with disabilities (NIDA, 2013). There are several reasons behind it like civil war, most indigenous parents are not educated and are not aware about disability, most indigenous people are returnee migrants having many psychological and social trauma, most indigenous persons having disability do not expose their disability in public sphere. Majority of indigenous persons with disabilities feel reluctant to express their experiences and problems due to their nature like struggling, poor, vulnerable social, economic and educational condition and due to lack of opportunities like deprived from disability services and other facilities because most of them show their unwillingness to seek help. They fear they might be judged unfairly and discriminated on the basis of their indigenous identity and language they speak. So there is a huge gap of indigenous persons with disabilities data in the existing document of the state and Indigenous People led Organizations (IPOs) and Disabled Persons led Organizations (DPOs).

Therefore, Nepal Indigenous Disabled Association has been implementing number of advocacy programmes for the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous Persons with Disabilities for inclusive society, barrier free and human right friendly environment.

We warmly invite you to visit us, share your opinions and join hand together with us to build a better world for all with respect to human right values and co-operation.

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